Expert tips on protecting your flagship phone

So you’ve just gotten yourself a contract that you’re proud off, and you have your favourite phone in your pocket. The latest flagships have been shaking up the markets and if you managed to get yourself such a phone contract, then congrats. But you’re not done yet. You need to ensure that you keep the phone secure and prevent both theft and damage on it. That’s why you need to take your time and ensure that you don’t lose it.

Have a locator app installed

Both IOS and android platforms have got applications that can be used to find the location of your phone at will. You’ll be able to send a code to the phone or locate it on a map using your PC. This further boosts the security of your phone because you can easily locate it. When picking out an application, also remember to get one that can erase the data remotely to prevent the burglar from gaining access to data such as credit card information.

Have a screen protector

Most of the accidental damages reported (about 60%) occur when the phone is dropped. A screen protector would do you a lot of good. It’ll crack and prevent the actual phone screen from cracking. You could also get a protective cover of your style and to guard the phone from overall damages.

Get your phone insured

Another working tactic is to ensure yourself. Getting a cover for your phone would even help you feel safer when in public transport at the hearts of cities. When getting a phone cover, you need to be careful. Some insurances only go as much as ensuring the phone within the confine of your home. That won’t really help you. Go for a cover that would also come in handy when the phone is damaged or stolen outside the home. A number of third party sites such as offer comparisons for different gadget insurance.

Go for lock code apps and vaults

Damage and phone theft is not your only problem. You also face information theft, and if your privacy matters to you, then a vault app would do you good. You’d be able to add an extra security level just in case someone is able to get past your screen lock. Some phones even allow you to use a fingerprint scanner to prevent unauthorised users from getting to some parts of your phone.