Apple vs Samsung | Making the right choice

If you’re thinking of renewing your contract, then you should be aware that Apple and Samsung are some of the most prominent giants of the industry. If you’re thinking of selecting one of the two, then you’re amongst the millions of individuals in the UK about to make such a decision. However, iPhones and Samsung phones are not created equal. They’ve got varying characteristics that may be beneficial to one person but a pain to another. That’s why you need to carefully review your options. So what do you look for before making this choice? Here are some of the most crucial aspects.

The OS

Apple and Samsung differ by miles. Even the skeleton that they’re designed from is completely different. Yes, you can probably have similar applications and functionality in a range of things, but the core difference sticks out.

The Apple IOS is patented and it’s sort of a closed circle, with the OS operating system only existing with Apple products. Samsung phones, however, come packed with the mainstream android OS. This is perhaps one of the most popular platforms phones use.

The differences come in when it comes to customisation. With IOS, you don’t get so much flexibility, whether you’re a developer or user. You’ll be stuck with how Apple want you to run things. However, you get a lot of customisability with android OS.

Google Now vs Siri

Google now and Siri are both intelligent innovations and aim to support you as an assistant. You can control your phone using voice commands as opposed to the traditional way.

Though their operation is similar, google tries and sweeps up as much information as it possibly can. This makes it more likely to give you what you wish. Siri is more private and has got more limitation to the kind of data it’s able to get from you.

Though this makes Google Now find your info better, but if you really are oblivious about privacy, then Siri will offer this to you better.


When looking for a phone, power is something that should always be on your mind. The latest flagships for instance, have got quite a lot of this. The iPhone 7 uses the A10 Fusion chip which is a lot more powerful than its predecessors. The iPhone has got 2GB ram that tis fairly sufficient for day to day usage.

The Samsung flagship on the other hand uses an octa-core Exynos 8890 chip. A 4GB RAM makes gaming and high power applications run smoothly. On the books, the Gallaxy S7 is more powerful, but how the iPhone is built makes it effective in utilising its RAM and power making it possible to beat the S7 when it comes to efficiency.


When it comes to security and patch updates, then you’ll be getting Apple updates immediately they’re ready. Thing is, with apple, you won’t be in a position to get apps from any other third party site. While that’s limiting, it may also be an extra security measure for you.

With android, though you’ve got the option of disabling third party apps, only Nexus phones would be getting the latest updates immediately they’re out. However, for the others, it’s up to the manufacturers, and they normally take some time before getting the latest updates.