About us

EHF Phones is all about bringing you the best deals you don’t get elsewhere. We cater for the majority of people that have had their applications rejected due to poor credit scores. We understand the hassle it takes to get a good phone contract and know one’s financial state can deteriorate.

That’s why we roll out guaranteed phone contracts. With these contracts, you’ll be in a position to get the deal you deserve. This is because credit checks are not used in making the final decision as to whether you land a contract or not. We love putting a smile on the faces of our customers. You can also be assured of a 100% free service with no hidden charges.

EHF Phones offers a level of flexibility you’ll rarely find elsewhere. We’ve got an astonishing range of contract phones from a large number of retailers. We also have experts that are willing to provide guidance even when it comes to picking the contract of your choice and making the right financial decision. Our contacts in the networking industry is also a plus for you, as you’ll we’ll be well-resourced to grant you any deal. You won’t go wrong with us. Try us.

We’ve also got guides and checklists all through our website that you can use to guide your decision making process. The data is constantly updated to update the current market trends and we ensure that it’s as accurate as possible.

So if you’ve been rejected by other companies due to bad credit, then give us a try. We’ll be glad to help you out as all we care about is adding value to our customers.