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Bad credit mobile contract guide

A mobile phone contract is not an automatic one; you don’t get your application chosen each time you make a submission. That’s especially true if your credit score is not at its best. More and more people are having their applications rejected each coming dawn.

That’s why we’re here. We’ll help you score a mobile phone contract even when your credit rating is not looking that good. While we can’t change your financial history, we can certainly enhance your chances of success.

Our partnership with some of the major UK networks such as Instant Mobile and unlimited phone shops would give you a better chance of getting a suitable deal.

Boosting your chances of success

When applying for a phone contract, you need to be careful if you want the deal accepted. The good news is, there are a number of things you can do to increase your credibility and success chances. Consider these tips to help you out:

Don’t reapply immediately

Each time you get rejected, there’s a reason behind it. Reapplying immediately before fixing the problem is just playing a game of chance, and most likely, you may get rejected again. In the end, you’ll have multiple failed applications, each contributing to worsen your credit score. That makes consecutive attempts more futile.

Go for guaranteed mobile contracts

Another working option is to go for guaranteed mobile phone contracts. Companies that offer such deals normally don’t conduct any credit checks, so you’ll have a much higher probability of success.

Alternatively, you could opt for SIM only contracts. Such contracts take the risk away from the providers, so they’ll be willing to grant you the deal even when your credit score is tainted.

Make a larger deposit

You could also make a much larger deposit for the phone. Making a more substantial contribution would assure the provider of your ‘good intentions’ and probably score you that contract. Remember, the deposit will be paid back in full after a successful completion of the contract.

Go for lower-end handsets

Another option would be going for lower end handsets. Unlike the latest Samsung or Apple flagships, the lower end phones don’t put so much pressure on the retailer. They’re also a lot cheaper and less risky so you can be assured of scoring a contract.

If after following this info, you still have problems applying for mobile phone contracts, then contact us. You could additionally ask the retailer why you were rejected. However, with our wide selection of choices, you can be assured of getting yourself a deal you’d love.